Help Wanted: I’m looking to hire a salary based NMLS Licensed Loan Partner to join my team.

This is different from most mortgage jobs in that we will provide you with the clients.  Your job will be to take the application, pull credit, run findings, price out, disclose and collect docs and get it over to processing in a timely fashion.  

This is for the LO that loves working on the loan, but doesn’t like to “go get new business”, yet you want to be 100% paid by salary.

Working with so many Loan Officers to find their “perfect” business gives me a unique perspective. And for every group I help who finds that their “Business of Awesomeness” is to be out shaking hands, kissing babies and teaching classes, there is a second group of LOs whose passion is putting together excellent files and getting them to closing quickly and efficiently.

The first group is unhappy, edgy and unfulfilled when they get bogged down having to put files together and the second group feels the same when they get “saddled” with having to make it rain.

In the past, the group 2 people felt like “square pegs” being forced into round “sales” holes and a lot of them became so disillusioned that they quit the industry. In fact, there has really never been a place for a loan officer who was good at working files but didn’t like selling….until now.

We live in a remarkable time. Because of our marketing plan of attracting new clients and referral partners, we have a large and growing demand for our “Group 2” Loan Officers who love putting loans together but who can’t stand having to generate the business. They prefer a steady salary instead of commissions.

They are smart, hard working, congenial are honestly are waaay better at constructing a file and tending to its details than Group 1. We call the second group “Loan Partners”, and, quite frankly, if it weren’t for them, the first group I described would be doomed to limp forever in low production and inefficiency. Matching the right Loan Officer and Loan Partner is the perfect synergy because now each of them is doing what they do best.

If you would like to confidentially chat more about this, you can shoot us an email at

This particular position starts at $50,000 / year for the qualified candidate.


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